Metal rolling

Metal rolling is metal products which pass hot and cold processingon machines. It is black (steel and cast iron) and color (made of copper, zinc, aluminum). In our assortment:

  • Pipes of different thickness and diameter. They are used in industry in the construction of residential buildings, pipelines and other structures. The most common type is round pipes, although manufacturers also offer products of oval, square and rectangular shapes.
  • Metal sheet. Sheet metal is actively used in the field of engineering, construction and wiring of gas pipelines. It is raw material for corners, beams, channels and pipes. The customer can choose any length, thickness and width.
  • Shut-off valves block the flow of production environmentin the pipes. Please, choose stainless steel products to ensure trouble-free operation of the systems.
  • Rails. To manufacture them, iahardened steelis used, which includes a high amount of carbon. We offer railway tracks for wide and narrow gauges, trams and cranes.


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